Client Testimonials

Claude - more energy, better sleep and improved digestion
"Where traditional healthcare had failed for the past two years to resolve various symptoms, Jo Scott-Dalgleish's holistic approach to wellbeing has achieved miracles. I was always feeling tired and drained, was suffering from digestive problems, could not sleep at nights and had repetitive sinus problems. I met Jo through another healthcare professional and felt immediately listened to and understood. She performed a thorough assessment, ordered various tests to be carried out, and following test results recommended a specific diet plus food supplements intake, which have immediately showed some great results. What has worked for me can certainly work for others and I can only highly recommend Jo!" Claude.

 Gideon - Successful weight loss and lower blood pressure

"For years I’d been cycling and managed to lose a decent amount of weight but I’d hit a plateau. My GP had told me I needed to lose weight and bring my blood pressure down, otherwise he’d have to put me on Statins for the rest of my life! I went to see Jo as I’d always been interested in finding out more about how what I ate impacted my health. I was amazed to find out so much and to get a thorough plan to bring my weight down and lower my blood pressure. After an initial consultation I started my new regime and after 3 months my weight dropped by 7kg (more than it had over 2 years of cycling) and my blood pressure has reduced to normal levels. No Statins for me! Jo has made a major impact on my life and what I’ve learnt will help me for the rest of my life." Gideon

 Melanie - improved management of a hormonal imbalance
"After suffering with acne and quite severe mood swings since the age of 25, the doctors had prescribed medication which worked on and off for a few years. I noticed my symptoms were becoming more severe and decided to seek Jo's expert advice after a diagnosis of a hormonal imbalance. She has given me an understanding and in-depth knowledge of my condition. But what I feel has been the most beneficial is that, having followed quite a strict carb free diet for years, she educated me in a whole new range of foods that are beneficial to me and consequently expanded and varied my diet. This, together with the follow up notes and her attention to detail, means I recommend her highly." Melanie.

Jenny - Improved digestion and energy
"I would not have gone to Jo Scott-Dalgleish for nutritional advice in the first place if I had felt well and I would not be giving this testimonial if I did not feel a lot better now! Jo has helped me to discover why I have lived for so long under par. Her dietary advice and supplement recommendations have been spot on. Her patience and kindness have been exemplary. I could not recommend her more highly. She has made a very effective difference to the quality of my life. " Jenny.

Beate - improved digestion
"I couldn’t be happier with the advice and support I have received from Jo. After an initial in-depth consultation, she recommended a functional test for gut health to identify my problems. She then developed a unique programme of dietary change and supplements, which has helped me feel so much better without having to resort to medication. I am now off the supplements, but by continuing with Jo’s dietary advice I still feel great. Most importantly, Jo has been excellent at checking in with me even months after my consultations, and she has provided more advice for me and adjusted my plans whenever I needed it. Great experience!"

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